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SmileStyler is an Australian-made clear, removable aligner system that allows you to get straighter teeth with the help of virtually invisible aligners. The service is available at Coastal Dental Care Runaway Bay.

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The wish for a straight smile is a common ask our patients have when coming to see the dentist. With SmileStyler and Invisalign, Coastal Dental Care offers two different treatment options of clear aligner systems for patients.

What is SmileStyler?

 SmileStyler is clear aligner orthodontic treatment. It is highly effective in treating misaligned teeth to help improve your smile cosmetically and functionally. The overall treatment process takes usually between 24 and 72 weeks, depending on the aligner type you choose.

The system is comparable to Invisalign with the key difference that SmileStyler aligners are Australian-made. In addition, SmileStyler fabricates the new aligners after a new scan in each treatment stage whilst all your Invisalign aligners are made at the beginning of your treatment.

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What is the treatment process of SmileStyler?

The first step of your SmileStyler treatment is a consultation with one of our dentists. Your dentist will discuss your case and assess your suitability for the treatment. You get the chance to ask questions you may have and the treatment process will be explained to you in detail.

In the next step, your dentist will take an intra-oral scan with a 3D intra-oral scanner. The digital images of your teeth will then be used to design your straight smile.

After this appointment, you will receive a personalised orthodontic treatment plan for your case. It will include the exact movements of your teeth and your treatment duration. Your dentist will carefully check and approve the treatment plan and SmileStyler will custom-make your invisible aligners.

You can pick up your aligners at our practice. Then it is important that you wear each set of them for the prescribed amount of time which can vary depending on aligner type between 1 and 2 weeks at a time. This will gently move your teeth into place.

Every 6 to 12 weeks, your dentist will see you for a check-up and intra-oral scan to assess your process and use the scan for your next set of aligners. This ensures that your aligners always fit and avoids delays in your treatment.

After 3 to 6 stages of scans and aligner cycles, your treatment will be finalised. SmileStyler also offers a free set of retainers once your treatment is completed to maintain your straight smile.

Smilestyler Aligner System

Is SmileStyler the right solution for me?

SmileStyler has been designed to treat a variety of teeth straightening issues and is ideal for cases with moderate alignment or rotation needs. Results may vary between cases. In your consultation with your dentist and after your first scan, you will know if SmileStyler is the right solution for you.

In general, SmileStyler can help with dental issues such as overbites, crowding, spacing, rotations, crossbites, openbites, dental midlines, narrow smiles, gummy smiles, and overjets. It may not be the right solution for severe cases of all of these issues mentioned above.

How much does SmileStyler treatment cost?

Depending on case, your treatment costs may vary between $5,000 and $7,500. After your first complementary consultation and scan, your dentist will be able to give you an accurate quote for your case.

Our practices also offer interest-free ZipMoney payment plans to help you financing your treatment. Find out more about payment plans or apply for your ZipMoney payment plan .

Does my private health fund cover the cost for SmileStyler?

Depending on your private health fund and your dental extras cover, your health fund may cover some of the costs for the treatment if orthodontics is part of your cover. Please ask our friendly receptionists for the item numbers and check with your health fund if you are covered.

Did you know these other benefits of straightening your teeth?

  1. Up righting teeth into ideal position can reduce your risk of tooth decay
  2. Straight teeth can decrease the risk of getting gum disease
  3. Moving teeth into desirable position can lessen sensitivity of your teeth
  4. Aligning your teeth can minimise chipping of your teeth

SmileStyler is Australian made. The company is based in Melbourne and the treatment offers several benefits, including:

Easy and convenient

No need for the inconvenience of braces. SmileStyler allows you to eat the foods you want, brush and floss your teeth and still end up with a straighter smile.

Unrivalled delivery speed

SmileStyler delivers to your dentist faster than any other aligner manufacturer as their aligners are designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne.

Premium quality

All aligners get designed and produced in the Melbourne facility using state-of-the-art software and manufacturing technologies.

Staged fitting for greater comfort

Because SmileStyler is delivered in phases of six sets of aligners at a time, each set of aligners are manufactured from 3D scans of your teeth, so the next set always fits perfectly. This also avoids unforeseen delays and costs in your treatment.

SmileStyler at Coastal Dental Care

Currently, only Runaway Bay offer the SmileStyler treatment. Please call our friendly team at Runaway Bay or book an appointment for a consultation and scan online here.

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