Tips from Our Dentists to Celebrate International Happiness Day

Just a little gesture can mean a lot to our loved ones. March 20 is the International Day of Happiness. The Dalai Lama said

“Happiness  is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

So we went out and asked our Redland Bay and Gold Coast Dentists for their tips and actions to celebrate the day spreading happiness.

The annual International Day of Happiness has been established by the UN in 2013 and all 193 United Nations member states have adopted a resolution calling for happiness to be given greater priority. In 2015, the UN launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals to lead the way to well-being and happiness. Major aspects were end poverty, reduce inequality, and protect our planet.

At Coastal Dental Care, a smile is part of our brand, our philosophy, and our vision. We are not just treating oral health issues such as tooth decay, root canals, or dental emergencies with the goal to achieve high oral health standards on the coast. We are treating patients and we want them to be healthy and happy.

This is why we have asked our Redland Bay and Gold Coast dentists to give us some inspiring tips what we can do on the International Day of Happiness to create more happiness in the world around us.


Ankit Wadhawan Coastal Dental Care Redland Bay

Dr Ankit Wadhawan, Dentist Redland Bay

“Tell your wife she looks extra beautiful today, because she deserves to know! Go and do your favourite family activity today that you know will bring a smile to everyone’s face! And spend time focusing on how important each family member is and tell them all why you love them so much!”


Dr Alison Downes, Dentist Mudgeeraba

“From my perspective, happiness starts with you. As selfish as this Dr Alison Downes - Mudgeeraba Dentistmay sound, put yourself first and do something that is going to make your day more enjoyable. Buy yourself lunch, have a bath, plan that holiday – whatever it is, no matter how little. This will make you smile, and we all know smiles are contagious. A simple smile can brighten the mood of a loved one, a colleague and especially a stranger!”

Dr Vanessa Schneider Dentist Tweed Heads


Dr Vanessa Schneider, Dentist Tweed Heads

“Studies show that a simple hug for only 20 seconds is enough to release heaps of hormones that make us feel better. So why wouldn’t we start spreading the love around us? It is simple, free and easy! And definitely it would make someone’s day!” ❤

Dr Louise Franchina, Dentist Robina Village

Six tips from Louise – she just could not decide which one was the best:

  1. Laugh. A lot.
  2. Do something nice for someone each day.Dr Louise Franchina Robina Village Coastal Dental Care
  3. Don’t think that it is too late. It is never too late.
  4. Start your morning off with some gratitude.
  5. A smile speaks a thousand words.
  6. For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

Coastal Dental Care wishes all patients, staff and people around the world a wonderful day celebrating the International Day of Happiness.