Dr Rohini Bonthala

Dr Rohini Bonthala sees dentistry as a combination of art and science. She loves how it uses both creative and intellectual aspects to enable us to customise treatments to every individual’s needs.

Dr Rohini Bonthala Coastal Dental Care Robina Town

Growing up in Uganda but being of Indian origin, Dr Rohini decided to reconnect to her roots and studied dentistry at the Manipal University in India. After finishing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery, she worked in Uganda in a dental practice and treated citizens of international embassies such as Peace Corps from America, the Rwandan Embassy, the German Embassy and the Indian Embassy. However, she dreamt of coming to Australia since she was a little girl and is excited to now support the team at Robina Town.

Dr Rohini loves the relationships she builds with patients and to see them establishing successful oral hygiene habits so that they don’t ever have to worry about another cavity. Being very gentle and patient, Dr Rohini’s best experiences are based on patients who were dental phobic at the start and turned into someone who loved coming to see her.

In her spare time she loves travelling and doing voluntary dental work around the world. She has already been to a children’s prison in Uganda, rural regions of Kenya as well as India and hopes to add more destinations and happy dental patients in the future.

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