Taking the fear factor out of visiting the dentist

Are you afraid of the dentist? Do you cringe at the thought of pain? Are you overwhelmed by the noises, smells and sounds made during intrusive dental visits? Have you ever avoided making appointments because you were scared? Well FEAR NO MORE!

We understand that going to the dentist can be frightening, especially having unfamiliar people poke around in the privacy of your mouth. And while appointments may be overwhelming due to unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells and feelings, there are solutions so that you never have to skip a check-up again!

Dr Eardley Rozario is both a qualified dentist and medical doctor who offers dental procedures under general anaesthetic at the Gold Coast Private Hospital, Southport. Dr Rozario has undergone post graduate training and has extensive experience in treating patients under Oral/Inhalation Sedation in the dental clinic setting or  under a General Anaesthetic in fully credentialed hospital so that you don’t have to endure the stress of a visit to the dentist.

What is general anaesthetic?

General anaesthesia is a medically induced state of temporary, controlled and monitored unconsciousness with loss of protective reflexes and general muscle movement. Almost anyone can be placed under general anaesthetic depending on your health and circumstances (please book an appointment to check your eligibility) and it is a great solution for those who have extreme fear or phobia of medical procedures such as dentistry.

General anaesthesia substances are administered under the supervision of a trained specialist who is well experienced in monitoring your breathing and vital signs to ensure little to no complications ever occur. It is extremely rare for general anaesthesia to go wrong, however please be aware there is always a risk of complication.

Where does Dr Rozario work?

Dr Rozario operates out of two of our practices, Cabarita Dental Care and Emerald Lakes Dental Care or The White Bite. His treatments of patients under general anaesthetic include Wisdom teeth removal/extractions and other oral surgical procedures and general dental treatment of children and adults with dental phobias.

Dr Rozario also has a special interest in oral medicine/pathology, so if you have any unusual lumps/bumps or ulcers in your mouth, these can be biopsied safely under local anaesthetic and a definitive diagnosis can be made ensuring that you receive the appropriate treatment.

What should you know before making an appointment?

If making an appointment with Dr Rozario, patients should bring any and all dental x-rays to their consultation as well as any relevant medical histories. Any questions can be directed to the practice at the location of your choice.

It is also beneficial to raise any questions you have about the procedures and any concerns you would like addressed. Please note; for Dr Rozario to assess your eligibility for general anaesthetic dentistry, you may need to sit in a dental chair and allow Dr Rozario to have a quick look at what is happening in your mouth. This procedure should be quick, painless and non-invasive; leaving all the hard work for when you’re asleep.

We encourage patients with phobias and fears to call and speak with our practices today. Dr Rozario is a friendly and experienced practitioner who will help you feel comfortable and safe when you visit.