Smile makeover with ‘Galey To The Rescue’

Each day we strive to improve peoples’ lives by providing the very best dental to care to all our patients. Today though we are going to start a journey to give someone the smile of their dreams. In conjunction with 90.9 Sea FM’s “Galey To The Rescue” we will be performing a full smile makeover on one very deserving member of our community.

A complete smile makeover doesn’t just impact someone’s appearance – it will impact their oral health, general health (from being able to eat more nutritious food) and social health (self-confidence, etc.).

In this case, our patient, Candice, has cracked, discoloured and decaying teeth caused by years of being unable to afford proper dental care which has snowballed into many other  problems. Due to the state of Candice’s teeth, she has been unable to eat properly, is embarrassed to smile and talk and has been unable to get even retail jobs, thus confining her to the back of a fish’n’chip shop. We love making a difference in our community and a total smile makeover will completely change her life!

We can’t wait to share Candice’s progress with you and invite you to follow her transformation both through this blog and on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, you can listen to the announcement on Sea FM in the players below.