Patient Benefits of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Many of our Coastal Dental Care dentists have integrated the latest advancements in technology into their patient care. These advancements include the use of surgical loops and operating microscopes. We summarised the benefits for our patients which range from earlier diagnosis to advanced patient education.

You might have seen a dentist in our practice that uses surgical loupes – magnifying glasses that our practitioners wear to enlarge everything that they see in the patient’s mouth. They provide an improved vision of your teeth and gums, ensuring we deliver the highest quality of dental care.

surgical loupes coastal dental care

In addition, our practices in Tugun and Runaway Bay use an operating microscope for diagnosis, restorative and root canal treatments. Operating microscopes are used in dentistry to provide a magnified view of the mouth.

Using a dental microscope, teeth and gums can be viewed at between 2x to 25x magnification, whilst being illuminated by bright LED light. This allows the dentist to see things that are not visible to the naked eye, providing benefits to the patient such as:


Early detection of cracked teeth, decay and gum disease with the microscope allow these dental problems to be treated early before the condition of the teeth and gums worsens.

Greater precision of treatment

The dentist can see things in more detail and is therefore able to ensure that prepared tooth margins are smooth and crowns and fillings fit precisely.

More conservative treatment

Improved precision means less tooth structure is removed during treatment and the chances of post-operative sensitivity may be reduced.

Improved aesthetics

Fillings and crowns can be polished to a smoother and more lustrous finish, with less chance of future marginal staining. This provides improved aesthetics that last longer.

Improved standard of root canal treatment

The dental microscope allows the dentist to locate, clean and fill extra canals and spaces within a tooth that may otherwise have been missed. Improved magnification and light provided by the microscope also allow the treatment of blocked or calcified canals and ensure that minimal tooth structure is removed during treatment. This helps to ensure a successful outcome for root-treated teeth.

Patient education

The microscope is connected with live video to the ceiling monitor so that you can see what the dentist sees. This results in a better understanding of what the dentist is explaining and can even allow you – if you are curious – to view the whole procedure.

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