Health fund members: use your benefits before they expire on 31st December

If you’re a health fund member, your yearly dental cover benefits may run out at the end of the calendar year.


There may only be a few months left to take advantage of your annual dental cover benefits before they reset. To ensure you get the most out of your coverage, we encourage all health fund members to check with their nearest Coastal Dental Care Practice which, if any, dental benefits you have left.

As we are approaching the end of the year our practices start to book up, which is why October is a good time to check availabilities.

When you know what you have left, you can book an appointment at one of Coastal Dental Care’s practices.

Not sure if you have any dental cover left?

The easiest way to find out if you have any dental cover left is to contact your health fund provider. They will be able to give you the exact details of what your benefits entitle you to for the rest of the calendar year.

Your level of health care determines what benefits you receive

Most health fund benefits include a number of check-ups each year. There are also many health funds which cover major dentistry; it’s important to educate yourself on the scope of your fund to see what you are covered for. If you have a health fund that does include major dental work, now may be the time to get that restorative treatment you need.

Coastal Dental Care’s dental practices are proud providers of a wide range of health fund benefits

To make sure your nearest Coastal Dental Care is a preferred provider of your health fund, check out our individual dental practices. With 14 dental practices spaning from Redland Bay to Cabarita Beach, our friendly team can help you receive the treatment and dental care you need.

Coastal Dental Care is currently offering a $125 check-up and clean (for non-health fund individuals) and a GAP free check-up and clean for those patients who belong to a health fund with dental cover. To find out more, or to request an appointment at Coastal Dental Care, please contact us today.