Dental Health Week Conclusion and Staff Development Day

At Coastal Dental Care, providing excellent patient care is one of our main priorities. For this reason, we offered extended business hours at 14 of our practices during Dental Health Week, which ran from August 7 to 11. Gold FM and Sea FM supported the campaign and visited all practices during the week.

But excellent care in our opinion does not stop there. This is why at our yearly Staff Development Day on Saturday, August 12, our focus was “How to create an outstanding Patient Experience”.

All staff members from our 15 practices attended to listen to speeches by CEO Dr Franck Page and Dr Anthony Puljich, as well as invited internal and external guest speakers.

The overall aim of the day was not only to further motivate all employees to create outstanding patient experiences in their practices, but also to equip them with the tools and knowledge to do so. On the agenda were showcases, videos and creative examples.

Coastal Dental Care Operations Leaders and Procurement Manager Alix Fitzgerald has been organising the day for the past three years, was very pleased with the outcome.

“Staff Development Day is the one day of the year where we get the entire team together to talk to everyone, discuss important matters and evaluate the past year. It helps us to show the staff new techniques to provide a great patient experience every day,” she said.

It was a busy week for the Coastal Dental Care team. Further to the participation of all practices in Dental Health Week with extended business hours until 7pm each night, 20 of our Dental Assistants also attended the Dental Assisting and Beyond Conference in Brisbane the previous Saturday.

Coastal Dental Care CEO Dr Franck Page said he was proud of the whole team.

“I am so proud of all the wonderful people working at Coastal Dental Care. We saw a day spent refining our knowledge and reaffirming our commitment to providing our patients with optimal dental care.”

If you missed out on an appointment during Dental Health Week 2017, contact us to make an appointment for one of our 14 practices.