Cosmetic Dentistry vs Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an upcoming beauty trend that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth (whitening, crowns, veneers, implants, etc.), gums, bite and overall smile appearance. Over the last few years, cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular due to advancements in technology and accessibility of treatment which was previously very costly and mostly a specialised field. Nowadays, there are countless dental surgeries that practice cosmetic dentistry.

What’s the difference between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentisty?

There is a clear difference between cosmetic dentistry and “aesthetic dentistry.” The leaders in this field, such as Dental Implants & Aesthetics, have moved beyond cosmetic dentistry and believe in aesthetic changes, not cosmetic. They instead practice aesthetic dentistry.

The Greek origins of the word “cosmetic” means jewel, jewellery or adornment and therefore implies something that is fake or man-made. Going further, more often than not, you can tell when someone has had cosmetic treatment as it does not look natural. Instead, “aesthetic” derives from a Greek word meaning the feeling and perception of nature and organic formations. Therefore, aesthetic transformations are those that aim to mimic and recreate nature, aka natural human appearances. That means that aesthetic dentistry aims to give the patient the best natural-looking result creating an improved, but seamless transformation.

Perfect for your  unique circumstances

Internationally recognised prosthodontist Professor Vasilios Chronopoulos told Vogue magazine, “Our focus is to recreate nature at its finest to give the patient an undetectable transformation. This is called bioemulation.” He states that, “people realised that having teeth as white as walls was unrealistic sometimes and that not everyone is perfect, so the demand for aesthetic and natural dentistry increased.” Professor Chronopoulos and his team analyse the patient’s current look, skin colour, personality, old photos, inspirational photos and colour and shape matching charts to choose the patient’s final look. In this way, biomimetic dentistry, biomimetic dental procedures and biomimetic treatment outcomes are the new norm.

However, healthy mouths and aesthetic treatment cannot be differentiated. Ensuring the entire dentition and the surrounding gums are healthy is an integral part of the whole treatment and provides the optimal result. Once the patient has achieved healthy gums and a supportive dentition minimally invasive procedures are used alongside advanced guided bone regeneration and soft tissue microsurgery to create the patient’s new look. These advances, as well as all-ceramic material technology, have almost completely eliminated the use of dentures meaning that even if a patient has no teeth of their own, they too can achieve a flawless and undetectable transformation leading to a beautiful smile.

Aesthetic dentistry on the Gold Coast

The team at Dental Implants & Aesthetics, consists of world experts in Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning, who focus on optimal aesthetic treatment plans for their patients. They mentor many of our dentists here at Coastal Dental Care, so contact us today to book an aesthetic treatment with one of our amazing dentists in your area.