Coastal Dental Care Study Club Takes On Composite Restorations

In April’s monthly Coastal Dental Care study club, our dentists discussed composite restorations in detail.

Composite resin is often used to place fillings on front teeth because the aesthetic material can match the patient’s teeth seamlessly. Composite resin restorations are also called ‘white fillings’ and resemble the natural look of teeth more than silver or metallic fillings. Due to its superior appearance, composite resin is often preferred by patients.

What happens when a composite restoration or ‘white filling’ gets placed in a patient’s mouth?

Once the tooth surface is cleaned and the cavity is removed, the composite will be placed. It has a soft, dough-like consistency. The placement process requires a high level of precision from the dentist to ensure the right amount of composite is used in the correct spot.

When the material is exposed to a blue wavelength light, they polymerize and harden into the solid filling. Afterwards, the dentist will take care of the final shaping of the filling while polishing the composite. This makes the tooth look and feel right for the patient.

The outcome our Coastal Dental Care dentists strive for is a natural-appearing white filling that feels comfortable in the mouth and is strong and durable.

Coastal Dental Care Study Club

In the image: Coastal Dental Care Owners Dr Anthony Puljich (left), Dr Franck Page (right), and study club sponsor Rachel Corfield (Nobel Biocare)

Dr Franck Page presented several cases of anterior (front teeth) and posterior (teeth in the back of the mouth) composite resin restorations. All Coastal Dental Care dentists had the chance to ask questions, discuss complicated cases they faced and exchange opinions and recommendations.

The monthly study club is part of the continuing education program Coastal Dental Care offers all dentists of the group. It compliments the cooperation with the Australian Institute of Continuing Education in Dentistry (AICE) based in Southport. Coastal Dental Care dentists have the possibility to attend CPD courses at a reduced fee.

This ensures that our Gold Coast dentists stay up-to-date with the newest developments in dentistry which contributes to achieve the Coastal Dental Care mission to provide excellent patient care.

The topic for the May study club will be a case discussion lead by all participating dentists.

Coastal Dental Care would like to thank our study club sponsor Nobel Biocare for their ongoing support.