Coastal Dental Care Cabarita Beach Presents New Cerec Machine

Coastal Dental Care Cabarita Beach welcomes the introduction of their new Cerec machine which allows their practice to offer patients same-day crowns.

Fostering new technology into our practices is a process we encourage and strive for on a regular basis at Coastal Dental Care. Interestingly, the introduction of Cabarita Beach’s new Cerec machine has brought a charming historical piece of dental furniture back to life.

The Cerec machine sits on a solid timber dental cabinet dating back to the 1950s. The team has carefully restored the cabinet as tradition has always been an important value of our Cabarita practice.

old wooden dental cabinet at coastal dental care cabarita beach

Draws of the Historic Dental Cabinet at Coastal Dental Care Cabarita Beach

This had us all thinking back to other dental equipment and furniture that once was common place in dental practices.

Travel back in time and see how other dental equipment has changed over the past 300 years.

First Dental Chair – Modified Windsor Writing Chair in 1790

The first American-made dental chair was invented by the dentist Josiah Flagg in 1790. He modified a Windsor writing chair by widening the armrest to have space for dental instruments. He also added a movable headrest to make the patient feel more comfortable.1

historic dental chair and dental chairs today

Dental Chairs at Coastal Dental Care Today

Our Coastal Dental Care practices are equipped with two different dental chair brands: Belmont and Sirona. Both types incorporate an ergonomic design that ensures the optimal working position and workflow for our practitioners. This is how we provide a comfortable and safe experience for our patients.

Dental Lab Burs from Approx. 1930

These dental laboratory burs were used for crown and bridge work as well as for grinding, smoothing, polishing and shaping dentures. They can also be viewed in the artifacts exhibition of the Virtual Dental Museum in San Francisco, USA.

dental burs in past and today

Dental Lab Burs Today

Our dental laboratory partners use a wide range of dental burs depending on the material they are working with. Different burs are used for zirconia/porcelain, plaster, acrylic/composite and metal. The dental laboratory burs come in the form of diamond coated and carbide burs, stones, disks, brushes, and rubber.

Tooth Extractor & Interchangeable Claws from Around 1800

A tooth was removed very differently 200 years ago! The tooth was engaged inside the claw (displayed in picture) and the dentist then rapidly turned the instrument to remove the tooth.2

tooth extraction tools in past and today

Tooth Extractions at Coastal Dental Care Today

If a patient requires a tooth extraction at one of our Coastal Dental Care practices, our dentists use numbing gel before giving local anaesthetic. This ensures that the area of concern is numb before treatment commences.

Some practices offer happy gas as an option for anxious patients. Then the dentists carefully loosens the tooth from the jaw bone with a Directa luxator. Once the tooth is mobile, the practitioners have a wide selection of surgical extraction forceps to make your dental extraction as comfortable as possible.

Interested in Cerec Same-Day Crowns?

Read more about same-day crowns and find out the other Coastal Dental Care locations that offer the treatment here. If you would like to book an appointment at Coastal Dental Care Cabarita Beach, call our friendly team on 02 6676 4333 or request your appointment online here.