CDC Tooth and Tooth Fairy surprise families at the Special Children’s Wildlife Adventure

Every child has big dreams; whether it’s meeting Santa, being a pirate, becoming a fairy, or heading off on their own adventures. On the weekend, Coastal Dental Care helped make some of these dreams come true.

Non-profit organisation, Teenage Adventure Camps Queensland hosted their 15th annual “Special Children’s Wildlife Adventure” at Fleays Wildlife Park for local special needs and disadvantaged children. The families enjoyed an adventurous day exploring the park, meeting different animals, and coming together for a sausage sizzle. However, little did they know the Coastal Dental Care Tooth, Tooth Fairy, and Dentist were waiting to surprise them in the middle of the park! Everyone took turns brushing the tooth with the big toothbrush whilst the tooth fairy checked on all the children’s wobbly teeth. The families took photos and the children enjoyed learning how to brush their teeth the correct way.

After learning how important it is to brush twice a day, some of the children even decided to come back to brush the tooth for a second time. Meeting the tooth fairy and spending a whole day adventuring around the wildlife park was very special for all of the children, who could not stop smiling throughout.

Coastal Dental Care is proud to support TAC-Q and giving less fortunate children a chance to experience a day they will never forget. If you want to read more about the amazing work of TAC-Q, please go to