CDC to fundraise for flood victims as part of Patient Experience Week

Coastal Dental Care will participate in Patient Experience Week 2017, from April 24 to 28.

During this time, all practices will offer patients and staff several activities to give feedback and engage during their dentist visit, and each practice will also fundraise for flood victims in Northern NSW.

The patients’ needs come first. This is a common rule in the healthcare industry, but how do health care providers ensure that they actually deliver the outstanding service they advertise?

How do they find out how happy their patients are?

Certainly they have the option to ask the patient after seeing the practitioner, evaluate phone calls, and analyse the rebooking percentage. In the continuously developing online world, they can even check the reviews they get on Google, Yelp, or other business platforms. However, this often only reveals existing issues with the main objective being to increase patient satisfaction.

Imagine a world where patients can actually wish for things; where they can improve the overall
experience at the practice. Have you ever walked into a store, practice, or hospital and sat on an uncomfortable chair rocking from one side to the other and thought: “Why don’t they have some more product and service information on the screens instead of this TV show without sound?” or “I just want a glass of water?” These are all these little improvements that health care providers could make, but are missed because they are never brought up, which could contribute to an outstanding patient experience.

This is why Coastal Dental Care, a major dental care provider with 14 practices on the Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales and Redland Bay, will participate in the 2017 Patient Experience Week.

The week was initiated by the Beryl Institute, a global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience. It is an annual event that puts a focus not only on celebrating the healthcare staff who influence patient experience but also on re-energising efforts to deliver an exceptional patient experience. “At Coastal Dental Care, we have a simple goal: Practice Perfect. This means having happy patients, happy staff and great outcomes. We hope that the Patient Experience week helps us to achieve this goal”, says Coastal Dental Care CEO Franck Page.

From April 24 to April 28, all Coastal Dental Care practices will offer several activities to patients,
families, and staff. These activities will foster engagement, allow for the contribution of ideas, as
well as allowing them to actively play a role in increasing the perceived value of visiting the dentist. From a teeth colouring-in contest for our youngest ones, to social media polls and a patient survey, to an idea collection poster in the staff room – all age groups are invited to participate and be part of the Patient Experience Week at Coastal Dental Care.

Furthermore, Coastal Dental Care will fundraise with employees and patients for the flood victims of Cyclone Debbie in Northern NSW and donate the money to the Lismore City Council Flood Appeal and the Tweed Shire Council Mayor Flood Appeal.

Each practice will have a tin on the reception bench collecting funds to support our community in this tough time.

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