Candice’s smile makeover progresses

Candice visited us again and this time, three dental implants were placed into her mouth. Phase 2 will involve the placement of temporary crowns onto the implants. Temporary crowns are necessary in order to find the right placement, look and feel that meets the needs of the patient.

During her visit, Candice also had her remaining fillings completed leading to an immediate cessation of her dental pain. Although she has showed dramatic oral health improvement, it is extremely important that Candice be diligent with thorough, regular care of her mouth and implants. Many people believe that a filling or an implant will solve all their dental problems, however, without ongoing care and maintenance, there is a high chance of the original ailment returning. For example, decay can be removed and filled. However, if the patient continues to neglect their teeth, further decay can occur. Remember, preventive dentistry is better that reactive dentistry!

Aside from the obvious physical difference Candice is experiencing with her new smile, she has also benefitted in many other ways. Her self-confidence has grown and the staff here can already see her transforming into a happier, more positive person! Now that she has teeth to smile with, Candice’s face lights up the room as soon as she comes in for her appointments. She even told us, “Some people don’t even recognise me anymore! Sometimes they just say, ‘Something is different about you but I can’t figure out what,’ and I have to tell them that I’m smiling and finally talking normally!”

We are looking forward to seeing Candice in another four months for her permanent crowns to be placed. During this period, her implants will heal and her mouth will get used to being full of teeth!