Candice’s smile makeover progresses with dental implants

Candice returned to us on Tuesday for the latest round of treatment in her quest for a new smile.

The procedure began with anaesthetic application to the majority of her upper jaw and gum line, before having three front tooth extractions. While this is usually quite a difficult and painful procedure, Candice’s front teeth were extremely rotten and eroded, leaving her in constant pain and unable to eat or bite. The deteriorated state of her teeth meant that extracting them was actually quite easy as the roots were not as strong as most people’s.

Following this, Dr Hills performed four crown preparations for use on the dental implants which will be inserted into Candice’s mouth during her next visit. To finish today’s procedure, Candice was given a temporary acrylic bridge comprising of nine units (teeth). This bridge was crafted in a shade similar to Candice’s healthy teeth and designed to suit her face and bottom teeth. The teeth are designed to be complimentary to her face, but not fake. This approach to dentistry is known as aesthetic rather than cosmetic dentistry and aims to mimic nature or the smile that one would have been born with.

smile makeover before and after

In terms of oral health, Candice is improving with each visit and continues to engage in good oral hygiene practices such as regular flossing, brushing with a soft toothbrush twice a day, drinking more water and eating healthier foods. We always believe that prevention is the best cure, and since visiting us Candice’s oral health has improved drastically proving this mantra. Originally, Candice suffered from bleeding gums meaning there was bacteria and disease in her mouth. Gum health is particularly important to an overall healthy mouth, and Candice’s bleeding has since lessened considerably. It is expected that the sockets from the extracted teeth will heal in one and a half to two weeks, and pain and sensitivity will subside after a few days. The bridge also provides protection to these holes, so that food and bacteria cannot get stuck and rot.

More than anything though, we have seen vast improvements in Candice’s confidence and the way she carries herself. Now, she only smokes when she is particularly nervous and is enjoying three weeks of work, six days a week. She told us that she is loving going to work and can see exactly how the treatments are helping her with her overall body image and self-confidence. She is enjoying herself more, speaking more freely and engage in social activities once again. In fact, in today’s visit Candice had her hair and make-up done as she knew that even with this temporary bridge, she was going to walk away a completely new person.

We’ve told Candice she’ll be able to eat foods she hasn’t had in years and encouraged her to cook up a big steak within the next day or so! Yum!

Candice will be returning to us for implant insertion in approximately six weeks. We have uploaded photos from her recent treatment, however we did not take a photo of her face or smiling as the anaesthetic left her facial muscles quite numb.

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