Candice’s smile makeover continues

Today, our ‘Galey To The Rescue’ smile makeover recipient, Candice, returned for her second appointment with our amazing Oral Hygienist Susan. Healthy gums and healthy teeth will be the first and most important step in Candice’s transformation; without a healthy dentition and gums, dental implants and other aesthetic restorations may be more likely to fail.

A short lasting local anaesthetic was applied to her gums before commencing treatment to ensure her pain and fear were truly minimised. Often, people with dental phobia will avoid the dentist, so some form of anaesthesia may help to make them more comfortable.

Today’s treatment began with a debridement of quadrants 1 and 4 (right side) of her mouth. Her next session will target quadrant 2 and 3. Debridement is the process of removing excess plaque and tartar (calculus) from a patient’s teeth and involves cleaning under the gums. Debridement, or a deep clean, is mostly seen in patients who have avoided regular dental treatment meaning that there is so much build up on the teeth it becomes difficult to see decay, infections or gum disease.

Candice’s teeth and gums may feel sensitive after this treatment as removing plaque and tartar exposes the tooth and roots to more situations. This process can be painful without anaesthetic which is why we stress the importance of regular visits to the dentist and affordable care. Prevention is the best cure!

Candice was then given an oral hygiene kit including an electric toothbrush and other oral health products to accompany the brush. Susan then demonstrated how to properly clean your teeth and gums while also discussing bacteria and how it can cause gum disease.

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